Web Design

Ready to bring your Business out to the interwebs? Let's show the world what you have to offer?  Already have a website? No problem! I can help you re-design your current site as well.

Technical Support

Tech isn't for everyone but that's why people like me exist and I am ready to help! If you struggle set up your email marketing, the sales funnel and other automations for your business I can help! 

Hi, I'm Petra!

And I am a bit nerdy about all the tech things.  I love helping entrepreneurs in their business and support them in bringing their business to the people bit by bit. I love to work on the backend of projects: fixing little issues with sites, keeping up with blogs, setting up newsletters and managing emails. And, I even help with automating your social media.

I call Charlottesville, VA home, help other's forge their path and spend copious amounts reading suspence and romance novels while drinking coffee. And when I am not doing any of those things, I could be found hiking the Blue Ridge, on a roadtrip to destination unknown  or watching an 80's flick on the television.


Next Steps...

Would you like to have a cup of coffee before booking one of our services? Send us a mail and let’s chat!